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Who is collecting this information?


This web site is the dream of one person who would like you to get off the couch and get more exercise, OUTDOORS, whether you are challenged to walk just a short pathway, or are involved in running, biking, or even more strenuous activities. In an attempt to present accurate information, the sites that have detailed information have actually been visited. The date of the most recent visit is posted on each description.

Why is there advertising on these pages?


Shouldn't stuff like this be free? Well, ideally, yes. But the reality is that I am spending so much time working on these pages that they need to pay for themselves even a little bit. So far, I have to say that many of the places that you, people who want to play outdoors, would like to know about, are not too web-savvy yet. Campgrounds, restaurants, convenience stores, etc, have not been too interested in paying even a nominal fee to advertise. If you want to help this site grow, try to talk some appropriate business into buying an ad. And PLEASE let a business know if you heard about them through this web site!

Why isn't the information complete?


"Complete," may be a pipe dream. For now, I am focusing on accuracy. I will not post details from some other source unless I have verified that the information is accurate.

Why isn't the information in a database?


Money and training, pure and simple. Perhaps, in time, I will be able to afford to do this. Yes, I know that would be an ideal format. Try to refrain from telling me too often.

Why have you chosen these activities and not others?


OK, it's a bit arbitrary. First and foremost, though, these activities require that you move around some... walking, biking, canoeing... muscle-powered stuff. Golf and hunting get plenty of attention. Although you can use a power boat at many of the access points I'll list, the focus is on quiet sports. This site is for folks looking for more personal, perhaps more private activities. Fishing will focus on places you can take your family or a friend, not charter cruises. If you want to suggest an addition, and I like it, I'll add it... it's that simple.

How did you decide which activities to list in a location?


You can hike pretty much any place that is public land, right? True, but having a trail is nice. This philosophy sort of guided my choices. You can camp anywhere within the Manistee National Forest if you are 200 feet from a trail or water source, but I haven't listed the entire MNF. Campgrounds within the forest are listed, and campgrounds run by agencies, or governments. Commercial campgrounds would need to purchase an ad. However at some point I might simply make a list, with no additional information. Again, you could cross-country ski in most any woods, but I've only listed trails that are designed for that purpose. Snowshoeing is even more arbitrary, but I've noted places that might have some of the best opportunities for that activity. And scenic views might be anywhere you like, but I've listed places with particular views of note, or special observation structures.

How can I contribute?


Feel free to make suggestions of places that should be added.

If you operate or know of a business that would be of interest to this targeted audience, we can mutually benefit if the business places an ad on this site. As of June 20, 2007 the site is receiving over 200 hits/day (from real people, not robots, spyders, etc). I will continue to promote the site and thus increase the visibility of any ads placed.

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