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at Pine Valley Pathway

Pine Valley Pathway

Pine Valley Pathway

This trail just east of M-37 at 7 Mile Road is north of Baldwin and west of Luther. A shared trailhead (with the Little Manistee motorsports trail) means that the trailhead is plowed all winter- a big plus for skiers and snowshoers.

The numbers on the map correspond to junction markers on the State Forest maps and posted on kiosks at the corners.

Access the loops is primarily from a trailhead on 7-Mile Road, just 0.2 miles east of M-37.

Point 1 to 2 0.2 mile. Easy

Point 2 to 3 0.6 mile. Easy

Point 3 to 4 0.8 mile. Moderate. This section crosses Lost Lake Road and goes through the former campsite. There is also a side loop that dips closer to the shore of Lost Lake.

Point 4 to 5 0.2 mile. Easy

Point 5 to 7 0.6 mile. Moderate. Swing around the south end of Lost Lake and cross Lost Lake Road

Point 7 to 8 0.2 mile. Moderate. There is one valley to cross that is potentially the most fun for skiers, but it is short and straight, not difficult

Point 8 to 1 1.5 mile. Easy. The trail runs southwest along a bluff above the swamps at the end of Syers Lake, then turns a corner to the northwest soon after the open water comes into view. Very scenic. At the west end join a tractor lane and skirt the edge of a field before re-entering the woods and returning to Point 1.

Point 3 to 8 0.1 mile. Easy. Just a connector to allow for a short loop.

Point 2 to 4 2.3 mile. Difficult. The rating on this section is only in relation to the rest of the paths. It is moderate in reality, easily skied by anyone with more than basic skills. It follows a ridge with several small dips.

Point 5 to 6 0.7 mile. Moderate. At point 6 there is parking on Lost Lake Road for one or two cars.

Point 6 to 7 1.0 miles. Moderate. Go through some open area where selective logging was done.

Access- Best from 7-Mile Road, just 0.2 mile east of M-37, but also from Lost Lake Road
Restrictions- no motor vehicles
Distance and time- 8.2 total miles of trail if you do every piece. 3-4 hours.
Trail Markers- blue, trapezoidal DNR markers for skiing, snoeshoeing and hiking
Condition of Marking- generally good, watch for various old roads intersecting or angling off, most of these had markers showing the correct way to stay on the trail.
Treadway- wide for skiing, sandy forest soil
Grades- flat to moderate
Most recent date this info personally checked on foot- November 2011
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Skiing- These trails used to be maintained for skiing. Now they are not groomed. Nevertheless, they still make for easy skiing, except that there are some trees down across the trail you will nave to navigate around.

Snowshoeing- These trails have moderate hills at most and make for very pleasant snowshoeing. See trail descriptions under Hiking.


Camping is allowed with a free DNR permit. You must obtain this permit from a DNR office.

Handicap Accessibility- Some sections could be navigated with a sports wheelchair, but it would not be easy. There are occasional trees down

Rest Rooms- latrine at trailhead
Potable Water- none

Access- Best from 7-Mile Road, just 0.2 mile east of M-37, but also from Lost Lake Road
Restrictions- no motorized vehicles on trail
Seasonality- open year round
Ecosystem- mixed age forest, some open areas, kettle hole lake, sandy hills
most recent date this info personally checked- November 2011
Additional Facilities- small town services in Baldwin or Luther
Maintained by- the Michigan DNR
Baldwin, MI 49304

[Counties] Lake County Manistee County Mason County Oceana County

7-Mile Road crosses M-37 10 miles north of US 10. Turn east on 7-Mile road and the trailhead is on the south side in 0.2 miles.


Mason County map
Ludington map
Lake County map
Manistee County map
Oceana County map

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